I like words, I like lists, I like lists of words!

Below's a list of some free public-domain lists that I would recommend programmers and wordy aficionados to check out.


2996 animals, sadly not ordered but that's a (fairly) trivial task. Again, scraped by myself with similar methods to extracting all the pokemon.


An alphabetized list of 196 countries from A..Z.


The trusty enable1.txt. This seems to be the most common file that will pop up on the internet if you search for a wordlist.


List of all the monsters (and bosses!) from the great Final Fantasy VII. Something tells me this list of wordlists might need to be better categorized...


A list of 19,000 minor planet names, from Aberghaiz to Zyskin!


Making this list of wordlists has given me a bug for scraping. So I scraped some plant stuff too!
620 families of plants.


14,000 + plant genera


Complete list of all pokemon up to the current series (whatever that is) scraped by yours truly.

Here's the main part of the code :

pokemon = $('.wikitable').find('td:nth-child(2)');
$.each($(pokemon), function(){ 

jQuery is magic, I swear...


I made this badboy myself. It's a list of all British navy ships scraped from Wikipedia.


I found this backed up on a hard-drive from a while ago, I'm completely unaware of its origins.
I have no idea what it is but looking at it, it looks like a list of words in the following scheme:

Word : Classification

Could be useful to some people?


This originated from the AutoHotKey community and basically serves as a much bigger enable1.txt