Sketch 4

This sketch was written as one of my (rare) slow pieces. Usually I'm always writing fast things, not entirely sure why.

The concept of this sketch was to compose something in a mode rather than a scale, I chose the phrygian mode.

When you are composing with modes, it is important to emphasise their modal characteristics. In this case I emphasised the b2 (the main feature of the phrygian mode).

After completing the recording I noticed that the melody I recorded was wrong. I did not flatten the 2nd's in the melody but their were flat seconds in the harmony. I accidentally used neapolitan sixth chords.

As I was in the key of D minor, the N6 chord was Eb.

Generally, N6 chords precede dominant chords and I happened to stick to that convention here.

The first three chords were:


( I )--(b2)-(V)

It was more out of luck that this seemed to work, the very fact that I composed a phrygian melody and managed to convert it into a neapolitan sixth backing was extremely lucky and didn't result in a grand waste of time.