Chronic for build scripts

Today I was working on a build script where I only wanted output if there were failures (syntax errors, failing tests, lint errors etc…).

Most people when encountered with this are probably used to doing the 2>&1 hacks to silence expected output.

There’s a better way

Or atleast more readable…

In the moreutils package which you probably already have on your machine (If not you can do sudo apt install moreutils) is a tasty little number called chronic (I’m also a fan of vidir but we’ll leave that for another time).

chronic will only display any output if it exited with a non-zero exit status. This is useful for build scripts and the like where you don’t want noise unless it’s warranted.

Running it is as simple as prefixing your command with chronic.



phpunit --group myTestSuite

Becomes this

chronic phpunit --group myTestSuite

Enjoy your cleaner build scripts!