So I’ve just completed the first challenge from dailyprogrammer. It’s a pretty easy challenge but that didn’t stop me WTF’ing all the way through.

The challenge

The challenge itself was simple (embarrasingly simple)

Write a program that will ask the users name, age, and reddit username. Have it tell them the information back, in the format: your name is (blank), you are (blank) years old, and your username is (blank)”


Here are the questions I asked myself throughout and the answers that I (think) are correct

My solution

(display "What is your name")
(define name (symbol->string (read)))

(display "What is your age")
(define age (number->string(read)))

(display "What is your username")
(define user (symbol->string(read)))

  "Your name is " name
  " and you are " age " years old"
  " and your username is " user))

Unanswered questions

Things I enjoyed

I like the naming conventions and consistency of the procedures. You barely have to look at the documentation because your guess of a procedure name usually is the procedure name.

For example, I had no idea how to convert a number to a string. I used


and hey presto!